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Repertory grid analysis of relationship narratives: Toward an assessment method for couples therapy

10 December 1999


The potential utility of a structured assessment method for couples therapy that is grounded in constructivist and narrative paradigms was considered. A method, the Grid Analysis of Relationship Narratives, which uses the repertory grid to analyze couple's narratives of their relationship history, was developed and pilot tested with six couples in a non-clinical setting. The process of developing the method is discussed, and the results obtained presented. The couples generated a relationship chronology in the form of chapter headings for the history of their relationship, which were used as elements in a repertory grid. The grids were analyzed and discrepancies in partners' constructions of their history noted. The discrepancies were explored and clarified in interviews. Participants generally found the grid analyses to accurately reflect their views of their shared history, and in some cases to provide new insight into conflicts.


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