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Organizational approaches to the Rey complex figure test copy and the California verbal learning test—second edition

1 January 2015


Is the executive function of organizational ability a unitary cognitive process that is applied relatively consistently across various types of cognitive tasks or is organizational ability cognitive domain specific and applied differentially across various types of cognitive tasks? In this study, organizational strategies for auditory-verbal and visual-graphic neuropsychological tests were examined. California Verbal Learning Test – Second Edition (CVLT-II) Clustering Scores and the Boston Qualitative Scoring System (BQSS) Organizational Summary Scores for the Rey Complex Figure Test (RCFT) Copy were compared for 244 adult examinees in a clinical population. The contribution of domain specific intelligence and other (non-organizational) executive functions on organizational scores were also examined. There was not a significant correlation between auditory-verbal and visual-graphic organization test scores. Verbal intelligence accounted for significant variance in CVLT-II Clustering Scores while perceptual reasoning intelligence accounted for significant variance in RCFT Copy organization. These findings suggest that when conceptualized as an executive function, capacity for using organizational strategies is not a unitary concept and is more associated with domain specific cognitive functions.


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