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Investigating Health and Counseling Resources for Transgender College Students

1 January 2017


College and University student populations are becoming increasingly diverse. For this reason, it has been important for college/university administrators to provide additional resources to students in order to meet their diverse needs. One specific student population that has warranted an additional need of resources is the transgender population. The Transgender Law and Policy Institute reported that about two to five percent of the general population identifies as transgender (Lindenberg, 2012). Although it has been difficult to identify the exact number of students attending college who identify as transgender, there is anecdotal evidence indicating that more college students are coming out as transgender on college campuses (Beemyn et al., 2005). Additionally, as transgender students become more visible on college campuses, counseling and health care services need to address the unique needs of this population (Beemyn et al., 2005). According to a survey conducted in 2002 of the University of Michigan student affairs professionals, researchers found that more than half of the respondents indicated challenges addressing concerns of transgender students (Gender Identity Working Group, 2003). Following the results of this survey, the University of Michigan health system has created the Comprehensive Gender Services Program to provide resources for students who identify as gender-variant and are in need of primary and gender-related services. The focus of this dissertation research was to explore what resources, if any, colleges and universities currently offer to transgender students; and more specifically what small schools offer to transgender students. The research is an exploratory study in which themes were collected and analyzed to determine the current health and counseling resources that are being offered to transgender college students.


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