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Weight quantification of protein deposits on hydrogel lenses

1 March 1987


A new procedure for the quantification of soft lens deposits without causing any additional lens damage is investigated. The amount of a protein contaminant bound to a hydrogel lens is directly determined by subtracting the known mass before protein contamination, from its mass after protein contamination. 48 hydrophilic lenses (in varying conditions from unused to thoroughly spoiled, spherical and toric) were passively dehydrated and weighed with a mean standard error of 5.5 micrograms. Using this technique the weights of 8 unused 45% water Hydrocurve II and 8 unused 55% water lenses were determined. The lenses were contaminated by protein and their masses evaluated again. Both 45% and 55% groups showed significant increases in weight (p>.01) and the 55% group experienced a greater gain (p>.01 ).


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