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Creating a Restorative Room and Instructional Resources for the Inukai Boys & Girls Club

1 January 2016


The Boys & Girls Clubs of America began in 1860 to enable all young people to reach their full potential. The Inukai Boys & Girls Club in Hillsboro, Oregon, serves a diverse population of youth, and was well suited for a restorative room and resilience based instructional resources, as stated by the site supervisor. Developing relaxation skills, especially early in life, may serve as an asset for resilience by providing resources for coping with life stressors. This practicum involved the implementation of the findings of relevant studies regarding effective room design and relaxation skills for youth. Literature reviews resulted in the creation of a restorative room and instructional resources. These resources addressed the teaching of guided imagery, mindfulness, and yoga skills to youth. Altogether, the practicum provided me with increased knowledge and it provided the youth with more resources for developing resilience through increased positive assets.


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