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The medication assistance program of The Free Clinic of SW Washington

1 August 2002


The Free Clinic of SW Washington (FCSW) is a non-profit charity. Their goal is to 'address the basic health problems before they turn into medical emergencies'. The clinic provides free basic non-emergency medical care to children and adults who are uninsured and earn less than 250% of the federal poverty guidelines and who are otherwise unable to access health services. Funding for FCSW services currently come from private foundations, industry grants and donations. The clinic does not receive any financial support from federal, state, or local government.

The Medication Assistance program is an integral service provided by FCSW. The program provides medications through the Free Clinic's dispensary to clinic patients, as well as filling prescriptions for patients who received prescriptions from other sources (Urgent Care Clinics, SW Washington Medical Center, other providers) through the clinic's Emergency Prescription Fund (EPF).

When seeking funding and donations, organizations are requesting patient demographic profiles and/or statistics on various services provided by the clinic as evidence of community support before making donations or awarding grants. The objectives of this project were to provide a comprehensive profiling of the Free Clinic's Medication Assistance program in the year 200 I. The Specific Aims were to identify the most frequently dispensed medications by FCSW to both clinic patients and through the Emergency Prescription Fund; provide an analysis of the methods of dispensing either by the clinic's dispensary, samples through the Medication Clearinghouse (MCH) or those medications vouchered out to the local pharmacy; identify the most frequently vouchered medications and their costs; and a demographic analysis of patients accessing the Emergency Prescription Fund in 200 I.


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