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Calling all parents: A qualitative inquiry of the perceptions of five teachers and the principal of parental involvement at an Oregon elementary school

1 December 1993


It is generally accepted that efforts at the national, state, and local levels to improve the relationships between parents and schools are aimed at increasing student success and performance, restoring positive attitudes and behaviors in school, strengthening the curriculum, and enriching each student's educational experience. Research indicates that parental involvement is an important factor in students' school experience. This paper focuses on five teachers' and the principal's perceptions of parental involvement at an Oregon elementary school. conducted two interviews with each teacher and the principal and asked three interview questions. I asked the teachers and the principal what role they thought parental involvement played in a student's school experience, what their perceptions were of parental involvement at their school, and what kinds of parental involvement they would like to see happen with their students. I found that all agreed that parental involvement was important in a student's school experience. I also found that four of the five teachers and the principal thought the school should have more parental involvement. However, it was obvious that some teachers had hesitations about both the amounts and the kinds of parental involvement they wanted.


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