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The prevalence of visual symptoms and their relationship with optometric findings in microelectronic employees

28 February 1981


A visual screening was conducted at a microelectronics industrial site. A questionnaire pertaining to visual symptoms was distributed at the time of screening. Optometric findings and questionnaire responses were studied independently and relative to each other. Analysis methods incorporated into the study included elementary statistical procedure and Stepwise Multiple Regression. It was found t:hat more than 25% of the subjects screened failed the P~U.C~O. screening criteria. In addition, the 1najority of visual symptoms reported by experimental subjects were related to general binocular dysfunction (G.B.D.). Through the utilization of Multiple Regression Analysis it was found that a set of four optometric tests provided 32.6% predictability .in the variance of a known group of symptoms. This set consisted of phoric posture, Sheard's Criteria using recovery, fixation disparity slope, and +/- binocular accommodative rock.


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