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Learning history: What are the factors that motivate female students?

10 July 2000


This is a study of factors that motivate female students to learn history. This qualitative research focused on the following questions: 1) What factors . motivate female students to learn history? 2) What impact does the inclusion of . women's history topics have on student motivation and interest to learn? 3) How do female social studies teachers affect the level of motivation of female students? 4) How would homogeneous history classes impact the motivation of female students? Data from this study were gathered from three high schools, eight classrooms, four courses and from four different instructors. Results from this study indicate that cooperative learning activities and social history topics may have a motivating influence for some female students. Additional results show more study is necessary to understand the impact of homogeneous grouping, but according to this limited study there may be some benefits for Some students. Further, according to results collected in this study, gender of the instructor seems to have no impact on female students' self-reported interest and aptitude in learning history.


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