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Program of graduate study at Pacific University and other institutions of higher learning

1 March 1957


The present study was undertaken for the purpose of comparing this program with programs of study for the master's degree in other graduate schools in the United States. The original plan anticipated obtaining the data from the graduate schools of large, well-known institutions in the country as a whole. Since Pacific University is a small, independent institution it seemed desirable to include data from the independent colleges anduniversities in the Pacific coast states. Further, inasmuch as a considerable part of the graduate work at Pacific University is in the field of education, it seemed desirable also to include data from a group of teacher's colleges. Even though only a small number of these latter colleges participated, data from them have, nonetheless, been included. The number of institutions used in the present study were, therefore; 56 large institutions 11 small independent colleges in the Pacific coast states, 11 teacher's colleges. A check list was prepared by the author covering the items on which he deemed it desirable to obtain information. The list was checked by information given in the catalogs, including the catalog of Pacific University. The data thus obtained were recorded on a master chart prepared for the purpose.


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