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Same, But Different: The Choreographic Process

1 May 2015


To explore queer representation through dance can be considered an attempt to identify transgression within and against an established group or collective society. In order to make this attempt, choreographers utilize various forms of queering tactics as choreographic tools. Despite the use of these tools, however, dance critics and scholars frequently avoid outward discourse and analysis of queer representation by various choreographers and dance makers. In an effort to bring more awareness and educate the dance community on the importance of establishing a queer framework for dance criticism, this project examines my process as a choreographer in creating and producing the choreographic work same, but different, which was presented in the Autumn Choreographers Concert in the Tom Miles Theatre at Pacific University on November 13, 14, 15, 2014. same, but different was developed out of preliminary research on the work and autobiographies of various queer choreographers, activists, and scholars as well as my own personal autobiography and experiences. Additionally, same, but different was further influenced by several theoretical concepts and methodologies, specifically, Deconstruction and Queer Theory, which also aided in its overall development.


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