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Chinese culture should be taught in Chinese as a second language instruction

20 August 1991


Many foreign language experts and teachers agree that the teaching of a language should not be separated from the teaching of the culture. Communication is the core of culture and second language learning. Culture should be taught from the first class. Because Chinese culture is very different from Western culture, foreign students, when studying in China, may have cultural shock, for instance, in the following aspects: the attitude and behavior toward the aged, polite and familiar forms, the way of greetings, asking personal questions, and eating manners. The teaching of Chinese culture is vital in Chinese as a second language (CSL) instruction, and both cultural knowledge and cultural communication should be ' ' written into CSL textbooks. However, only some CSL reading textbooks contain cultural knowledge information, and the CSL spoken textbooks contain very little cultural information. Cultural communication information can be taught through lectures or cultural notes in textbooks. Cultural knowledge information can be taught through reading materials at higher levels.


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