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Astigmatic correction: A clinical comparison of two types of hydrophilic toric lenses

1 February 1980


Two brands of soft toric lenses utilizing similar designs were studied. Each lens type was compared as to (1) its success in correcting the refractive astigmatism, (2) accuracy in the manufacture of the parameters ordered and time required for the delivery of' those orders, and ( 3) the "appropriateness" of the lens when ordered according to the fitting guide's instructions. At first glance, the Hydro-Marc lens appeared to be better suited to most patients' needs when considering the range of parameters available. However, due to problems encountered in delivery time, reliability in the fabrication of the lens, and variability in fit between ordered lenses and those used in diagnostic fitting, the chances for achieving successful :fits do not appear good at this time. Given that the patient approximated those parameters available, the Hydrocurve II toric lens was found to have a high level of success.


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