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Making connections : Conflict resolution and peace education a case study

25 July 1995


As in life, conflict is a normal occurrence in all schools. As we move into an information age, the institutional problems of the industrial age linger and create conflict among adults and especially children. Conflict resolution has recently been legitimized as a valid topic of discussion and study. Now thousands of school-based programs-are being used in the nation. Students are learning new ways to listen, discuss, share, respect and compromise. Student populations are becoming more diverse by the day. Differences in academic abilities, learning styles, cultural backgrounds and socio-economic status make it very difficult for teachers to require "quality" work. As drop-out rates, teen pregnancies, teen suicides, and violence rise, society begins to question the roles that the schools play. Are our schools encouraging, caring, planning and instructing towards the future? As a "teacher in training," I believe that teachers have this" on their minds"many hours a day.


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