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Interdisciplinary teaming at an intermediate school: A sense of community within the school

1 May 1994


As Intermediate schools grow larger and larger, there is an increasing trend fo( schools to use interdisciplinary teams as a means to ease the transition from elementary school and to create a more intimate sense of community within the school. This study focuses on a suburban Intermediate school and their attempt to create a sense of community through the use of interdisciplinary teams. Over the course of this research I have found the use of' teams to be, for the most part, a very positive experience. Students appear to positively identify with their team, and teachers enjoy the collaboration with other professionals. Problems that arose included the alienation felt by non-teamed staff members, unhealthy group dynamics within the team, and competition between teams. Although interdisciplinary teams are not without their faults, they offer positives than negatives. Interdisciplinary teaming at Twin Pines Intermediate School has met success in building a sense of community for their students.


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