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Perceptions of health in the adolescent student

1 January 1996


This research project addressed two questions: 1) How are adolescent perceptions represented on a personal fable survey of adolescent egocentrism?; and 2) Do adolescents with a relatively high personal fable survey score engage more frequently in risky health behaviors than their lower-scoring peers? This study took place in freshman health classes at a high school located in the Pacific Northwest. Due to the sensitive nature of many questions asked in this survey, the sole data collection method employed consisted of a 33-question survey which focused on risky health behaviors and persol1al fable perspectives. The personal rights of the 34 respondents were protected via survey anonymity and school name confidentiality. Various patterns emerged in the reported health behaviors of the students, as well as in the way scores were arrayed on the personal fable survey instrument. Although it was hypothesized that a student with a relatively high personal fable score would also report an increased amount of risk taking behavior, the data did not bear this out.


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