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SynergEyes post-refractive contact lens fitting

1 May 2007


Purpose: To evaluate the fitting characteristics of SynergEyes PS hybrid contact lenses in post-refractive patients and how to adjust the parameters for the best possible fit. Four cases are presented demonstrating the fitting characteristics and comfort of the SynergEyes PS hybrid contact lenses. The lenses are designed with reverse geometry to better match the changes in corneal curvature following refractive surgery.

Methods: Baseline corneal topographies of each of the subjects were taken. From these topographies, only 4 of 12 subjects were fitted with the lenses based on the amount of ablation from the refractive procedure. These 4 subjects were fitted with different parameters of the SynergEyes PS hybrid contact lenses and evaluated on a number of fitting characteristics. Comfort upon initial instillation and after 8 hours of wearing time was also evaluated.

Results: The cases all demonstrated the need to steepen the base curve of the lenses at least 1.0 diopter more than the flat keratometric reading to create appropriate movement of the lenses after an eight hour trial. All patients felt that the lenses were reasonably comfortable throughout the trial.


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