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What’s race got to do with it? A comprehensive review of bullying behavior in ethnic minority children and adolescents

12 December 2014


Bullying continues to be a problem among youth in the US. Bullying has been linked to academic, psychological, and physiological concerns, as well as an increase in the likelihood that individuals who bully become involved in the criminal justice system. Most of the literature on bullying has focused on Caucasian youth; as a result, very little is known about bullying in ethnic minority youth. This comprehensive review investigated the prevalence, risk, and protective factors among African American, Native American, Hispanic, and Asian American youth. Overall, findings from studies reviewed suggest bullying occurs among ethnic minority youth as well as Caucasian youth. However, variations in the operational definition of the frequency of bullying, differences in methodology, nature of the geographic makeup of researched samples, and the limited studies that sample and analyze ethnic minority youth make it difficult to draw conclusions from the overall findings. Future research should analyze data on ethnic minority youth, investigate the inconsistencies in studies, and examine the possible role of culture in relation to bullying among ethnic minority youth.


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