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Resistance Exercise vs. Aerobic Exercise for Reduction of HbA1c in Type 2 Diabetics: A Systematic Review

11 August 2012


Background: Type 2 diabetes is the most common form of diabetes and can lead to many complications. Reduction of HgA1c is shown to decrease complications. Both aerobic exercise and resistance exercise have been shown to reduce HgA1c, but it is unclear if one method is better than the other at reducing HbA1c.

Method: Exhaustive search of available medical literature using Medline, CINAHL and EBMRM. Search terms included “Type 2 diabetes, resistance training and resistance exercise.”

Results: The search revealed 4 relevant articles. 2 of the articles showed no significant difference between the 2 types of exercise. The other 2 showed that resistance exercise was more effective than aerobic exercise at reducing HbA1c.

Conclusion: No distinction should be made on which type of exercise should be done by T2D to reduce HgA1c. For now, the best recommendation is to exercise more than 150 minutes a week, regardless of the type of exercise selected.


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