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Pioneering educational reform

1 January 1994


My research examines educational change at one high school that is in the process of restructuring in accordance with the requirements of Oregon's Educational Act for the 21st Century, House Bill (HB) 3565. The school is a pilot site for the development of Certificate ·of Initial Mastery (CIM) and Certificate of Advanced Mastery (CAM) programs that may serve as models for secondary education restructuring throughout the state. My report includes an introduction, a review of the literature, methodology, research findings, and a summary. My review of the literature begins with an abstract perspective on educational change, and ends with a focused look at the current restructuring effort in Oregon. My methodology includes observation, interviews, and a survey. My research findings are focused on culture, leadership, and readiness for change from the perspective of those most closely associated with the change: administrators, teachers, students, and parents. My summary includes a discussion of my findings centered on pitfalls of restructuring, and includes indications for further research. The questions I specifically address in my research are: • What motivates change in education? • What causes resistance to change in education? • How can educational change be facilitated? • How is educational change perceived by those involved in it, and affected by it? • What can be done to influence perceptions of educational change? • How is success or failure of educational change measured?


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