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The optometric control of myopia

1 May 1991


A doctoral dissertation reviewing the current literature concerning the classification, etiology, and treatment of myopia. Five etiological theories are discussed, they include; genetic theory, normal biological variation theory, conditions of use theory, holistic theory, and deprivational theory. Treatment options were classified as being structural or functional in theory. Structural treatment options reviewed include; concave lens prescription, medical treatment, orthokeratology, and refractive surgery. Functional treatment options reviewed include; nearpoint lens prescription, vision therapy, holistic therapy, and biofeedback & visual acuity training. An integrative I holistic treatment model drawing from various treatment theories was developed as a means to better control myopia through the use of all treatment options available to the optometrist. The dissertation concludes that the optometric profession should look beyond the one dimensional treatment strategy of prescribing concave compensatory lenses when treating myopia. More emphasis needs to be given to preventative vision care, and control of myopic progression. Further clinical research investigating the efficacy of such a treatment plan is needed.


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