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Language through content: A look at GLAD as used by both ESL and mainstream teachers

1 March 2003


This project was conducted in the interest of learning about a program known as GLAD (Guided Language Acquisition, Design). GLAD is a program developed in 1?86 in California's Fountain Valley School District. It was designed for teachers with large numbers of students for whom English is a second language. GLAD is " ... a model of professional development in the area of language acquisition and literacy. The strategies and model promote English language acquisition, academic achievement, and cross cultural skills." (from GLAD training materials, see Appendix C, page 48) The first goal was to learn more about what GLAD was and how teachers were using it. The second objective was to learn how these teachers heard about GLAD, what they felt were the most beneficial things about using GLAD, what paper/pencil activities they do during a GLAD unit, how GLAD helps improve language skills, and how they evaluate learning. Answers to these questions were sought through observations and teacher interviews as well as practice with some GLAD strategies. In conclusion, GLAD was found to be a great instructional strategy for all students, not just those for whom English is a Second Language.


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