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A world wide web based informational reference source for ocular diseases using bacterial conjunctivitis as a template

1 May 1997


Introduction: The project consists of a World Wide Web (WWW) site that can be accessed by . all interested individuals knowledgeable in WWW operating protocol. The design is of an informational reference source to aid the practicing clinician and the optometric student in gathering cross-referenced information regarding a particular ocular disease. This project did not develop the entire reference base for all ocular disease conditions, but rather developed a generic template using bacterial conjunctivitis as an example. Using the established protocol, additional ocular disease conditions will be added in the future to complete the site.

Methods: Microsoft Frontpage 97 was used to create a World Wide Web (WWW) site consisting of six separate but interrelated pages. The six main sections of the ocular disease web site include; pathology and disease conditions, diagnostic techniques, differential diagnosis, causative agents, pharmacology, and references. Information on each topic section was derived from multiple reference sources including current text books, journal articles and class notes. Each page has detailed text information, full color images of the various conditions, as well as helpful visual information to reinforce text information. Crossed reference links were built to allow the user to easily access related information contained in the other topic pages. Even though this project is self contained, it has built-in links to various optometric and related medical information sites.

Results: The project was presented to local practitioners where it received positive praise. The web site was uploaded to the Pacific University College of Optometry home page. Testing and evaluation of the performance is currently being conducted.

Discussion: Use of the World Wide Web as a source of information IS still in its infancy. The potential for practitioners of Optometry to access this vast wealth information in a rapid and efficient manner is just beginning to be realized The strength of this format is the ability to access all related information contained in any other page by simply clicking a button.


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