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Program Evaluation of the Sexual Offender Program at St. Mary's Home for Boys

26 July 2001


Several programmatic components were identified and analyzed in an effort to determine the effectiveness of the Sexual Offender Program at St. Mary's Home for Boys. 17 male juvenile sexual offenders (JSOs) between the ages of 12 and 18 residing at this residential treatment facility participated in the study through the analysis of archived data. Effectiveness of the program was determined through several steps including comparison of techniques outlined in the literature to those techniques available at St. Mary's, analysis of subjects' effectiveness at obtaining immediate target treatment goals, analysis of inappropriate sexual behaviors while enrolled in the program, analysis of Program Compliance Index (PCI) and Large Continuous Index (LCI) for each subject, analysis of the number of early treatment terminations, and analysis of the number of JSOs failing individual components of treatment Results indicate given the limitations placed on. St. Mary's Home for Boys Sexual Offender Program, the program is generally successful at decreasing the likelihood a JSO will sexually reoffend. Recommendations for assessment of JSOs as well as programmatic recommendations are given.


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