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The Fleas of California

1 June 1943


This the twelfth paper published by the writer on western fleas contains comments upon 200 species and subspecies. All previous papers by the writer have been published in Pacific University Bulletin and deposited in libraries of entomologists and universities and colleges all over the United States of America and Abroad. In so far as several of these papers are out of print students who wish to check the records below should borrow the papers locaIly.

The years 1940-1941-1942 brought off the press a very large amount of knowledge on the distribution and taxonomy of the fleas found west of the Rocky Mountains. Holland at Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada issued 7 papers, mostly upon distribution and host index. Svihla at Seattle, Washington issued a distributional paper "The Fleas of Washington". Hubbard at Pacific University, Forest Grove, Oregon issued 11 papers covering distribution and the erection of 2 new genera and 15 new species. Stewart at University of California, Davis erected 2 new genera and 9 new species and subspecies. Good at San Francisco issued a paper on Stenistomera and with Jellison at Hamilton, Montana a monumental work on the literature of North American fleas. Unfortunately this paper covered works only to July 1939 and falls short of including the more recent and prolific works. Augustson at University of Southern CalifOl'nia, Los Angeles issued 8 papers in which he erected 1 new genus and 11 new species and added considerable on distribution.

In order to bring the records of western fleas together in one paper this writer will first cover the situation in The Fleas of California.


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