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Attitudes and practices of vision therapy: A survey of Montana optometrists

1 May 1993


Sixty six Montana optometrists responded (68.75% response rate) to a mailed survey concerning vision therapy. Eighty six percent reported they saw at least 1-3 patients per week with binocular vision or perceptual difficulties. Although 60.9% said they did not provide vision therapy for their patients, a total of 65.8% said they sometimes or frequently refer patients. Of those who reported providing vision therapy, most (84%) have five patients or less who they see on a weekly (30.1 %) or biweekly (26.9%) basis. The most common thought (71.8%) on vision therapy by non-VT OD's is lack of comfort with their ability to do it, indicating a possible need for more continuing education ·in this area.


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