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Optometric trends in sports vision: Knowledge, utilization, and practitioner role expansion potential

1 March 1989


The goal of this project was to generate both longitudinal and current cross-sectional data relevant to the following topics: (1) Determination of the involvement of O.D.'s in the sub-discipline of sports vision, (2) utilization of vision care services by college and professional sports programs, and (3) determination of the interest of optometrists and sports program personnel in sports vision care. In 1980 and 1983, unpublished surveys were conducted which sampled random optometrists, various college and university athletic programs, and the major professional teams of football, baseball, basketball, and hockey in North America. This 1987-88 survey was an extension of the past two surveys. It compared trends longitudinally and assessed the interest in sports vision as an optometric specialty area. Despite increased involvement during the last five years, results indicate that there continues to be an unmet need for sports vision consultants to teams, particularly among smaller . colleges. A large percentage of optometrists continue to feel there is great potential for growth in sports vision. Utilization of contact lenses by teams and individual athletes has increased markedly over the last five years while only a slight increase has been observed in the utilization of vision training programs.


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