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A Mindfulness-Based Intervention for the Treatment of Binge Eating: A Single Case Design

23 July 2010


In this thesis I examined the utility of a mindfulness-based intervention to individually treat in a woman in her late 40’s with a subthreshold binge eating disorder. The intervention used was an adapted protocol from an eight-week group format to treat an individual client over the course of 16 weeks. Clinically significant improvements were found in frequency of binge episodes, depression symptoms, eating concerns, and dietary restraint. Although they were in the expected direction, the improvements in anxiety, overall eating disorder symptoms, weight concern, and shape concern were not clinically significant. Additionally, the client’s mindful awareness actually decreased slightly over the course of treatment. Future research should include dismantling studies to investigate the impact of the various techniques used in mindfulness-based interventions for eating disorders, and explore the differences in effectiveness between mindfulness-based interventions conducted in group versus individualized formats.


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