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Building the Foundation for a Relevant and Acceptable Stress-Management Program to Millenial College Students: Use of Focus Groups to Determine How to Communicate with Students

3 May 2010


The college experience can involve many challenges that can contribute to stress and life adversity, and that can detract from the potential benefits of a successful college experience. In this study the qualitative research method of focus groups was used at three different universities to address college stress and how it could be managed. Seven focus groups were conducted to acquire data concerning the following issues: effective ways to communicate and connect with college students of the Millennial Generation (those born in 1982 and after); how current college students perceive stress and its effects on their lives; ways in which students deal with too much stress; how students associate the words/meaning of control, commitment, challenge, and courage (derived from resiliency literature) to each of their current ways of dealing with stress; and how interested might they be in a program that would help them manage stress better. The secondary goal of this project was to use the data obtained to make recommendations for a stress-management program that would likely be acceptable and utilized by Millennial Generation college students.


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