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Dioptric power differences in prescribing the Acuvue Advance silicone hydrogel lens

1 May 2006


Background: Based on anecdotal evidence it was thought that in fitting Acuvue Advance contact lenses, more plus power is needed than would be expected from the vertex corrected spectacle prescription.

Methods: We looked at 127 records of patients who had been fitted with the Acuvue Advance contact lens and compared their spherical equivalent spectacle correction with the power of lens dispensed to the patients.

Discussion: We found that final prescription powers tended to be within+/- 0.50 Diopters of the spherical equivalent spectacle correction. Contrary to our hypothesis, we found that it was as equally likely for the contact lens prescription to deviate in the minus direction as in the plus.

Conclusion: From our results, it is apparent that our anecdotal evidence was faulty and there is not a statistically significant difference between the spectacle prescriptions and the final contact lens prescriptions of the patients in the study. Therefore, an over refraction is needed to pick the optimum lens for any contact lens candidate.


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