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A review of neurotransmitter mechanisms associated with visual cortical plasticity in animal models of deprivation amblyopia

1 May 1988


A review of research literature concerning neurotransmitters involved in deprivation amblyopia was conducted. Stimulus deprivation amblyopia was induced in 6 kittens using opaque contact lens occlusion. The kittens were reared in the dark for 18 hours a day and wore the contact lenses, while exposed to room light, for six hours a day, five days a week from age 5 weeks to age 19 weeks. During this period of time, the kittens were also trained and tested for monocular acuities in the non-occluded eye. Visually evoked potentials were recorded from these kittens at the end of the occlusion period and suggested the presence of stimulus deprivation amblyopia.


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