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Eyesys vs. Mastervue RGP fitting study

1 March 1995


Background: Videokeratography has recently emerged on the scene as a powerful tool in understanding the dimensions of the human cornea. Computer software exists that can generate rigid gas permeable contact lens fitting parameters based on a topography reading.

Methods: This study will assess the fitting performance, both subjectively and objectively, of two Placido based topography systems: Humphrey MasterVue and EyeSys Corneal Analysis System. Twenty four subjects were fit and dispensed a pair of lenses: one eye's lens generated by each computer. Lenses were rated by both the examiners and the patients using standard rating scales at the time of the dispensing visit.

Results: Overall the Master Vue lenses were preferred by 57% of the subjects, the EyeSys 19%, and 24% had no preference. Objectively we assessed that the MasterVue lenses physiologically out performed the EyeSys lenses a majority of the time.

Conclusions: Generally, the MasterVue software did a better job than the EyeSys program of matching base curve and overall diameter dimensions with the measured cornea. However, there is significant room for improvement in both systems to become clinically useful.


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