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A clinical study comparing corneal thickness changes bteween Paraperm O2 and Optacryl K lenses

1 March 1983


A clinical evaluation was made comparing the amount of corneal edema indicated by pachometric changes in corneal thickness wlith the wearing of two rigid gas permeable lenses, Optacryl K and Paraperm o2 . Each of the nine subjects selected wore an Optacryl K lens on one eye and a Paraperm o2 lens on the other . This study encompassed a one-month period following the dispensing of the lenses. The average corneal thickness increase of the Paraperm o2 eyes was slightly less than that of the Optacryl K eyes in all three trials. However, the difference in corneal thickness changes was not found to be clinically significant. It was concluded that both lenses perform equally well in their abilities to limit the amount of corneal edema produced.


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