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"What 'zyme is it?": A comparison of the effectiveness of various enzyme cleaners on soft contact lenses

1 May 1999


A clinical study was conducted to determine the cleaning efficacy of soft contact lens enzymatic cleaners available on the market, including Alcon's new one-drop wonder, SupraClens. Soft contact lenses from each of the four CL groups were coated with a 0.1% artificial lysozyme solution before being enzymatically cleaned by six commonly used protein removers. The treated lenses were dehydrated and analyzed for remaining protein deposits. Allergan' s Ultrazyme was not only able to remove protein from each of the four types of lenses, but was able to dissolve the protein as well. It was also noted the liquid enzyme removed protein as effectively as the tablet forms. The study also evaluated the cost-efficiency of the enzymatic cleaners tested. Alcon's Opti-Zyme enzymatic cleaner and CIBA Vision's Unizyme enzymatic cleaner were found to be the best buys over a years time. Alcon's SupraClens came out to be one of the most expensive, although for contact lens wearers with faster protein build-up times, it might be more beneficial in terms of decreasing discomfort, ocular infections, and allergic reactions.


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