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Personality changes of habitual spectacle wearers as they change to contact lens wear

1 December 1977


Seventeen habitual full-time spectacle wearers who requested contact lenses at the Pacific University College o f Optometry Clinic (PUCOC) were administred the California Psychological Inventory (CPI) before receiving their contact lenses. This experimental group achieved full time contact lens wear. Eight months after the initial testing the subjects were readministered the CPI. A control group o f 16 PUCOC patients who had not requested contact lenses was chosen to match the experimental group by age range and sex and underwent the same CPI test-retest program. Student t-tests indicated that neither the experimental nor the control group demonstrated any statistically significant personality changes on retest. Results of questionnaires accompanying the CPI on retest indicated that 70.6% felt more attractive wearing contact lenses than spectacles, but only 29.4% felt that contact lenses had made a significant change in their social lives.


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