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Regressing myopia through a plus lens - visual training regimen: Clinical application

9 February 1979


Eleven subjects ranging in age from nine to twenty-six years were run on an out-of-office regimen of visual training, primarily to build plus-acceptance and loosed the habitual association of convergence and accommodation, and plus lens therapy. Results were inconclusive, with failing patient motivation as the greatest block to an adequate evaluation of program efficacy. Indications of movement toward reduction of myopia was noted during the training for four subjects. But in all but one case, such progress was no longer evident by close-out. Differences in "free" or "forced" posture tests of accommodation led to postulating on possible mechanisms of change. Background research, in light of our results, leads us to believe that perceptual-lifestyle factors may play a large role in determining degree of permanence of any such change.


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