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The application of multiple intelligences in the classroom

1 December 1994


Ten years after the publication of Howard Gardner's book, Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences (1983), schools throughout the United States have restructured their curriculum. to facilitate the growth of these intelligences in each student. Many school districts have also explored new ways of teaching the traditional subjects through the use of methods that correspond to and enhance the multiple intelligence. This study provides one view of how the curriculum and teaching methods are used to enhance the multiple intelligences of students in an alternative public elementary school in Willamette Valley, Oregon. . It investigates specific ways in which the seven intelligences are used to teach the content of traditional subjects. Through a survey and interviews with students and teachers of the school, this study attempts to assess the effects of the application of the theory of multiple intelligences in the classroom. The results of the study show the school as providing growth for all· intelligences in its elective classes. A limited application of intelligences is used to teach the content of traditional subjects. The effects of the use of multiple intelligences are seen in the students' awareness of their abilities, their positive self esteem and their positive attitude toward school.


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