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The effects and transfer of title I reading instruction in a second grade classroom

1 June 1998


The purpose of this qualitative study was to answer one main question: How are
Title 1 Programs affecting the use of reading skills in the regular classroom? My research focused specifically on the following five sub-questions: 1) What are the reading skills taught in Title I? 2) How do Title 1 students transfer the skills (taught in Title I class) to the regular classroom? 3) What are students' feelings toward reading? 4) What strategies do teachers use in Title I to teach reading skills? and 5) How do students respond to instruction presented in Title I? This study took place at a suburban community located near a large city. The
participants included two second grade students v/ho attended the Title I Reading Program. Using a variety of approaches including observations, teacher interviews and students interviews, I gathered information in the Title I classroom as well as the regular classroom. All participants' rights to privacy are protected by the use of pseudonyms. Upon completion of collecting and organizing extensive amounts of data, it became apparent that the Title 1 students in this study successfully and independently transferred the reading strategies they learned in the Title 1 classroom, to the regular classroom. Students were able to access strategies in the regular classroom without being prompted by the regular classroom teacher.


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