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Cosmetic contact lenses; Is it worth the risk?

1 May 1994


Currently, the use of mail order contact lenses is on the rise, and the use of cosmetic contact lenses ( + 0.50 or less power) is also becoming more common. A closer look at optometric views on this issue was needed. Many risk factors are associated with contact lens wear and there are different views on whether or not it is worth the risk to prescribe contact lenses solely for cosmetic purposes. A survey of 21 yes/no type questions focusing on contact lens prescribing methods, patient compliance, and care solutions was mailed to 150 optometrists practicing in the United States. The number of replies received was 91, representing graduates from 12 schools of optometry. The results showed consistencies in the areas of prescribing methods and care regimens. Generally, optometrists will prescribe contact lenses with +0.50 or less power, forsee many more contact lens complications with mail order contact lenses, and prescribe chemical disinfection to all patients wearing contact lenses. Inconsistencies arose in their views of patient compliance. The views of these optometrists surveyed give insight as to future changes in vision care.


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