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Monocular estimate method (MEM) of nearpoint retinoscopy in a first and fourth grade population

1 May 1985


Vision screenings are an important first step at identifying those with a visual deficiency. For many school children, these screenings are their first encounter with a vision care specialist. As part of a Pacific University College of Optometry screening of first and fourth graders in the Forest Grove School District, three MEM retinoscopy test conditions were evaluated.

Normative data were collected for these test conditions and were statistically compared to each other and to the Gates-MacGinitie reading test for comprehension at each grade level. The results show that the motor response lag of accommodation for the two grade levels was not significantly different. For both grade levels, selected MEM findings showed a significant difference when comparing those who passed to those who failed the screening based on the modified Orinda criteria. For the first graders, one of the MEM test conditions was found to be informative when evaluating both good and poor comprehension performance on the reading test.


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