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Contact lens survey: The use of contact lenses for the treatment of astigmatism

1 March 1997


A nationwide survey was conducted on a broad population of vision care practitioners with the goal of determining current contact lens practice in the area of astigmatism, and, for the purpose of providing this information for educational institutions, industry, and contact lens practitioners. Surveys were sent via US mail and E-mail to optometrists, ophthalmologists, and certified ophthalmic technicians in all fifty states. Some of the data was analyzed based on practice mode, some on years in practice, and some on total responses. Overall, there was a broad range of responses of the amount of corneal cylinder required to fit toric RGP's. However, for soft torics there was a narrower range of responses. It was found that more experienced practitioners preferred to design their own toric RGP's. Professional school was the main source of learning to fit toric RGP's with the exception of practitioners with more than ten years of experience who utilized other sources of education more frequently. Volume of contact lenses prescribed varied more for soft sphere and soft torics than for RGP's. For high corneal and high residual cylinder soft toric lenses were preferred. Younger practitioners feel more of a need for more information on fitting toric RGP's.


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