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The role of various types of print media in the choice of an optometrist

1 May 1988


Data on the general public's view of advertising in the field of optometry is sparse. One hundred subjects in a shopping mall setting completed a survey dealing with different types of print media used by optometr1c practices. The survey was comprised of seven questions with each question representing an area of practice. The purpose of this study was to explore the public's reactions to optometry's three most commonly used print medias for the use of advertising; newspaper, direct mailings and the yellow pages. Each subject also filled out a socio-economic profile. All socio-economic profile sub-divisions having at least 10% of the sample population were plotted to show relationships between the divisions and the subject's selections on each question. Contingency table analysis using the Chi-square distribution was performed to identify interactions of age, education level, sex, and income level with subject's responses to the survey questions. The goal of the study was to find which type of print media people use in their choice of an optometrist. The results of the study revealed the yellow pages as being the most popular form of print media when in need of an optometrist.


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