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Teacher perceptions of the use and effectiveness of genre-specific practices for teaching literature

1 January 1991


This research project explores the perceptions of 34 teachers as to their use of 55 genre-specific practices. It also explores the teachers' views of the effectiveness of these practices. It begins with a review of the literature about the teaching of English literature to determine if there are different pedagogical approaches for the different literary genres, Using the practices found in the pedagogical literature, a survey of high school English teachers within a particular suburban school district in the Portland area was done. In a post hoc decision, a convenient sample of English teachers from various other districts in western Oregon were also surveyed to serve as a comparison and to increase the total number of English teachers surveyed. The researcher found some genre-specific practices suggested by the literature to actually be in use, while others were neglected or considered ineffective by the teachers surveyed. The researcher suggests that schools work to add some of the . practices suggested by the pedagogical literature that are currently not in use by these teachers. Also, the researcher feels that some of the practices considered ineffective by this group of teachers would really be very effective if implemented well. The researcher offers. some suggestions as to how these practices might be used to better teach the different genres and involve the students more completely.


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