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Artistic personalities comparing preferences of a profile with high school art students

1 June 1998


The purpose of this qualitative study was to answer this research question: How does the personality profile of an artistic type compare with the preferences of high school art students for artistic and learning styles? My research was geared to address this question of artistic personality and focused on theories originated by Carl Jung and K.C. Briggs & LB. Myers. The underlying assumption
with personality types is that every person has natural preferences and attitudes in which one habitually or preferentially orients oneself in the world. The study took place in an art classroom at a rural high school in the Pacific Northwest. The participants were art students from grades ten through twelve. Research data was gathered in the classroom through an interview and survey, and included observations made on student art works. Each participant's confidentiality and anonymity has been carefully considered and protected by the provision of pseudonyms in this research. After conducting the interviews and surveys, and .collecting and organizing observation notes, my research revealed that the artistic personality can be attributed to a certain population, but can also extend to all types of individuals. Findings do not prove nor disprove that there is a "specific type" of person who is artistic, but rather there are quite diverse types of people who are artistic. Preferences for learning styles and artistic styles range from person to person, and can be used to better empower teachers and students.


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