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What are the benefits of journal writing in a creative writing class?

1 June 1997


The purpose of this qualitative study was to answer the singular research question: What are the benefits of journal writing in a creative writing classroom? My research was inspired by the National Writing Project. The project asserted that journal writing is a proper medium for moving students from oral expression to written expression.(1982). The National Writing Project suggested that journal writing, free writing, learning logs and reading logs all assisted students in their efforts to move from speaking their thoughts to writing them. Journal writing comes in many shapes and sizes. One of the many approaches is utilizing a daily journal topic to prompt a written response from the students. This response is usually followed up with a class discussion. Information was gathered in the classroom through two mediums. I collected samples of student writing and made field notes regarding our in class discussions. In order to protect the participants rights to privacy and anonymity I have provided pseudonyms for all participants in this study and have not included any student names with their writing samples.(Appendix vii) After collecting and organizing extensive field notes, writing samples and written feedback, preferences emerged on behalf of the students; preferences concerning the nature of the journal design. The end product resembled a combination of a reader response journal and a writing journal.


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