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The Oregon statewide vision clinic: A pilot project

1 May 1988


The Oregon Statewide Vision Clinic is a pilot program offering functional vision assessments to visually impaired children in Oregon, many of whom have multiple handicaps. Sixty children were seen at the clinic from September 1, 1986, to February 28, 1987. Of these, 67.8% presented with multiple handicaps. The children ranged in age from 1.1 years to 20.2 years, with the mean age being 9.7 years.

Great emphasis is placed on recommendations as to optimum visual aids, optimum visual stimulation and demonstrations to others as to how each child "sees". Of the children examined, 19.6% required new or updated optical aids with 11.4% requiring special lens powers for near viewing.

For 59.1% of those children demonstrating functional visual abilities, this was the first time that a minimum visible target size was determined. This success was attributed to the use of the Preferential Looking acuity card technique described in the presentation.


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