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Guided reading in a kindergarten classroom

1 June 1999


The purpose of this qualitative study was to answer the question "What are the advantages of adding Guided Reading to a kindergarten literacy program?" This study was based on research conducted by Brian Cambourne and Don Holdaway. Both support creating an environment and implementing literacy :instruction that is natural, motivating and appropriate. This study took place in an elementary school located in an urban area of the Pacific Northwest. The participants included several kindergarten students and myself. Data for this study was gathered in a classroom using a variety of approaches including participant observations, interviews and document collection. In order to protect the participants' right to privacy and anonymity, I used pseudonyms for all participants involved in this study. The research revealed that Guided Reading was not only appropriate for kindergarten, but it also enhanced the current literacy program provided to the kindergarten students. It also revealed many advantages. There were advantages for the teacher, the students and for parents. Guided Reading, therefore, was not just another added piece to an already full curriculum but a natural learning setting for those students who were ready for more formal reading instruction.


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