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Peripheral nerve compression and its relationship to myofascial pain in the neck, shoulder girdle, and arm

1 May 1990


"To effectively treat myofascial pain, it is crucial that the source and perpetuating factors be identified...In his experience working with patients with peripheral compression neuropathy, Eric, W. Long, M.D. has observed a distinct pattern of symptoms on pain diagrams completed by these individuals, including neck, shoulder, and axillary pain on the side of the median/or ulnar lesion...Because of this, Dr. Long hypothesized that there may be some relationship between myofascial symptoms in the neck and shoulder girdle and peripheral compression neuropathy; that the median and/or ulnar lesions may have been the source and perpetuating factor for the myofascial pain in these individuals. The purpose of my study is to test this possibility and to predict its impact on the physical therapy management of these patients." - from the introduction


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