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Environmental education in the Washington county public high schools: A teacher survey

29 January 1990


An assessment of Environmental Education (EE) in the public high schools of Washington County in Oregon was conducted in Fall, 1989. Respondents were teachers (grades nine through twelve) of science representing five of the ten high schools in the County. The results characterized EE in terms of implementor, grade level, and course; unit preparation time; unit content; methods used; materials used; and barriers of implementation. Results indicated that EE was being taught in a variety of science courses to a wide range of students. Most teachers spent at least seven. hours preparing for the EE unit. Topics which were stressed included those which describe man's effect on the environment. Teaching strategies used included class discussions, lectures, and laboratory exercises. Information about EE was obtained from journal articles, magazines, and newspapers. Lack of time was seen as the major barrier to the implementation of EE in the classroom. Recommendations were made for improvement of EE in the schools and for future research.


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