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The Effects of the Ketogenic Diet on Glycemic Control in Type II Diabetics

5 August 2020



Background: Type II diabetes is a chronic prevalent disease that requires progressively more treatment as the insulin resistance increases. While diet is known to be a significant contributing factor to the disease, the effect of the ketogenic diet shows promise and is worth studying.

MEDLINE, Google Scholar, and Web of Science were searched for randomized controlled trials. Inclusion criteria were an RCT, poor glycemic control on oral agents, elevated BMI, and between ages 18 to 65 with no other major comorbidities. Studies were evaluated for risk of bias.

The 3 studies demonstrated a reduction of A1C and in all studies medications were reduced or discontinued in patients on the ketogenic diet.

Conclusion: The initial studies are promising but additional studies are needed with larger sample sizes to generalize to the entire population.

Keywords: Glycemic Control, Type II diabetes, metformin, ketogenic Diet, very low carbohydrate diet, A1C, weight loss, BMI


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